Postgraduate CPD Training 

Learn how to restore movement and remove pain for your patients/clients. Courses are delivered live in person with mentorship hours.

Open to Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Sports Scientists, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic students in year 2 or above.

Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers to a UK level 3. If you have a different background and are unsure if you qualify for the course, please contact us to check your eligibility.



SJ Walls MRCPod
MPH, BSc (Hons), PgD, creator of the Clinical Pilates Specialist Method (CpS), Pilates teacher of 25 years, Sports Therapist & MSK Podiatrist. PhD Student in Rheumatology, Diagnostic Ultrasound & Biomechanics. Trained with the American Posture Institute in Posture Neurology

Owner of The Rehab Hub in Glasgow, a Pilates Studio and multidisciplinary clinic.  




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You can take my courses in person or online for the courses available online. I have a full online teaching platform and also teach live courses you can attend in person. As part of training with me you also receive mentorship protected time. I also have courses you can start right away as they are all online. 

Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques

I'm SJ Walls the creator of the Clinical Pilates Specialist® postgraduate CPD training.

With over 25 years of experience teaching Pilates in both fitness and clinical settings. The owner of the Rehab Hub in Glasgow, Scotland (UK), a large multidisciplinary clinic of Podiatrists, Physios, Sports therapists, Massage Therapists, Pilates Teachers and a Pilates studio.

As well as lecturing post-graduate professionals to take their teaching to the next level a HCPC registered Podiatrist and Sports Therapist with a speciality in MSK. Masters in Global Public Health (MPH) with public health research interests in health inequalities. Additionally, Currently undertaking PhD specialising in rheumatology & biomechanics. 

The courses are built on everything SJ has learned as a Pilates Teacher, Podiatrist, Sports Therapist, Researcher and Lecturer.

The CPD courses differ from what you learned in your foundation training. In your foundation training, you are taught the foundations but many of these may feel disjointed. Or possibly you are new to Pilates and want to get started. 

The CPD courses here aim to teach you to look at your client/patient as a whole person, taking your training and understanding to a deeper level and be able to work with healthcare providers in managing specific health conditions. it builds on your initial training and takes that to the next stage to have you the go-to clinical pilates specialist in your area.

The CPD courses draw on my 25 years of combining the Pilates Method with a fusion of what I have learned as a Podiatrist, Sports Therapist and Pilates Teacher. They have a heavy biomechanics focus.   

Example of me teaching Brenda for her Post-Hip replacement Pilates 


My courses are post-graduate training intended for Health Care Professionals (HCP) (Physios, Doctors & Podiatrists) already working in MSK (or looking to). Health & Fitness professionals with a minimum of a level 3 qualification (ideally Pilates) - already working with or looking to work in a more rehab setting. Sports Therapists looking to bring new methods into their practice. 


Universal Reformer 1 

(In Person)

Next in Person Course Sunday 14th May 10am - 3pm

Sunday 28th May 10am - 2pm 

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Clinical Reformer 

(In Person)

September 2023

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Tower, Cadillac, barrels and chairs

(In Person)

11th June 2023 10am - 3pm 



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Clinical Pilates Posture (In person)

Next in Person Course Saturday 27th May 2023



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Foot Knee Hip Connection (Online Course)

Booking is open now start anytime!



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