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SJ Walls MRCPod
BSc (Hons), PgD, creator of the Clinical Pilates Specialist Method (CpS), Pilates teacher of 23 years, Sports Therapist & MSK Podiatrist.



Take all 10 courses and become a Clinical Pilates Specialist (online or in person) complete an at home workbook with case studies before you are awarded. As a Clinical Pilates Specialist you can use the (Dip CpS) letters after your name, you will also be added to the CPS Directory.

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You can take my courses in person or online and they count  towards the CpS Diploma (Dip CpS). 




Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques

I'm SJ Walls the creator of the Clinical Pilates Specialist® Diploma. I've over 23 years of experience teaching Pilates in both fitness and clinical settings. I'm the owner of the Rehab Hub in Glasgow, Scotland (UK), a large multidisciplinary clinic of Podiatrists, Physios, Sports Therapist, Massage Therapists and Pilates studio. As well as lecturing post-graduate professionals to take their teaching to the next level I am a qualified Podiatrist and Sports Therapist with a specialty in MSK. I have a Masters in Global Public Health (MPH) with research interests in health inequalities. Additionally, clinically my research interest are rheumatology and biomechanics. 

My courses are built on everything I have learned as a Pilates Teacher, Podiatrist, Sports Therapist, Researcher and Lecturer. The Clinical Pilates Specialist Method is different from what you learned on your foundation trainings. On your foundation training, you are taught the foundations but many of this may feel disjointed. The Clinical Pilates Specialist Method teaches you to look at your client/patient as a whole person, taking your training and understanding to a deeper level and be able to work with healthcare providers in managing specific health conditions. it builds on your initial training and takes that to the next stage to have you the go to clinical pilates specialist in your area. The Method draws on my 23 years of combining the Pilates Method with a fusion of what I have learned as a Podiatrist, Sports Therapist and Pilates Teacher. They have a heavy biomechanics focus  

My courses are post graduate training intended for Health Care Professionals (HCP) (Physios, Doctors & Podiatrists) already working in MSK (or looking to). Heath & Fitness professionals with a minimum of a level 3 qualification (ideally Pilates) - already working with or looking to work in a more rehab setting. Sports Therapists looking to bring new methods into their practise. 


Universal Reformer (In Person)

Next in Person Course Wed  27th July 2022 (Take this course before Clinical Reformer)

Tower Pilates (In Person)

Next in Person 28th August 2022. 


Clinical Reformer (In Person)

Next in Person Course September 2022 (This is for after you have taken Reformer training 1)

Clinical Pilates Posture (Online)

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Pilates Foot & Ankle (Online)

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